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Consumer Questions Regarding Non-Sufficient Funds Items

What fees am I charged when I overdraw my account?

A $33.00 overdraft fee may be charged for each item that overdraws your account when the resulting end of business day overdrawn balance is greater than or equal to $8.00. Consumers will not be charged more than six overdraft fees per business day.

What types of transactions can incur an overdraft fee?

Transaction categories include checks, online bill payments, recurring debit card payments and other electronic payments using your checking account number. These transactions may be approved resulting in a $33.00 overdraft fee for each item. Transactions that are declined and returned will be charged a $33.00 fee for each returned item.

If you have chosen to opt-in to include ATM and point of sale transactions, the bank may pay any transaction that overdraws your account and charge you an overdraft fee. These transactions include ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions.

How long can my account be overdrawn?

Accounts must have a positive balance at least one business day during a thirty day period to maintain overdraft privileges. Overdrawn accounts must be brought to a positive balance before the account becomes overdrawn for sixty days, consecutively.

When will the bank not pay overdrawn items on my account?

If you have not opted-in to have the bank pay overdrafts on your one-time debit card (non-recurring) and ATM transactions, we will only authorize these transactions when sufficient funds are available in the checking or the account’s overdraft protection. Otherwise, the transaction will be declined and you will not be charged an overdraft fee.

If you have used your available overdraft privilege, as set forth in your account agreement, the bank may return and not pay a non-sufficient funds item.